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What is Crelata℠?

Crelata offers fun & sequential on-demand dance classes for kids, designed by dance education experts. Crelata is 100% ad-free and school appropriate.


Crelata will be your new favorite online teaching resource:

> Diverse dance styles filmed strategically for ease of comprehension

> Easily click and play a lesson – no planning required 

> Embedded assessments and checks for understanding 

> Peer modeling and encouragement 

> Students make creative choices alongside the artists on the screen

> Accessible – closed captioning in English & Spanish plus ASL translations

> Supplemental materials for teachers: lesson plans, extension activities, choreography tasks, exit tickets, and more

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Crelata Pilot Program

We believe every student should have access to the arts in their school, especially dance. We’re starting with an exciting pilot program focused on dance education, coming soon.



Dance classes for all grades

> 5 lesson series 

> Approx. 30 min/lesson

> Taught by Marlon Mills


Dance classes for all grades

> 6 lesson series 

> Approx. 30 min/lesson

> Taught by Sophia LaVonne 


Creative Career Chats With professionals in

> Film Production & Direction

> Dance & Choreography

> Costume Design & Construction

> Arts Education 

> Arts & Entertainment Law

> Real Estate


The Current Status of Dance Education in US Schools

All 50 states have adopted arts standards; however, dance is extremely far behind in fulfilling those expectations due to:

> Lack of access

> Lack of opportunity   

The statistics below are based on the 14 states in the USA that reported arts data in the 2018-2019 school year. This represents 29.6% of the total population of school age children in the USA or 14.9 million students.



of schools are offering dance classes.

Enrollment tends to be focused in urban school districts.

When a school offers dance classes


of students, on average, participate.

This number is higher in elementary schools and lower in high schools.



more students are enrolled in music and visual arts classes.

Data courtesy of Bob Morrison at the National Arts Education Data Project.
(This data is complex and will be updated in Fall 2022 when more states are expected to report their numbers.)


The Crelata Solution

Crelata provides easy-to-implement online dance classes for your school, whether you are a dance teacher seeking additional resources or a school that has never had dance classes and needs help getting started. 

Movement is an essential part of educating the whole person. Dance promotes communication skills, self-expression, and confidence that lasts a lifetime as well as increases physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Crelata is a gateway to student engagement, higher attendance rates, and a positive school climate.

We want to build Crelata with the community in mind, especially the global majority who are often underrepresented and under acknowledged for their brilliant contributions to the world. 

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